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What's Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is one of the bestselling hair and the most beautiful type of hair in the market. It, being silky and able to blend with many hair types, has a healthy shine and natural luster and comes in straight, wavy and curly textures.
Typically, Brazilian hair is collected from single donors in the South American region whose hair has not been chemically altered or processed and most of whom come from small, rural places within Brazil, where the donors are paid for growing and then donating strong, healthy hair.
Brazilian hair is 100% Brazilian virgin hair, with minimal shedding, tangling and kinking and no split ends. It is natural color, easy and flexible enough to get bleached, dyed, highlighted, straightened, curled and styled into your desired hair. Known for its full volume, beautiful bounce and versatility, Brazilian hair has a shiny appearance and soft touch, which doesn’t require special maintenance while able to naturally blend with all hair from various countries.

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